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Mindful giving and receiving

What does it mean to be mindful during the holidays???
Have you considered mindful giving and receiving?
Millions of tons of waste are put into our landfills and water ways during the holidays. 
Ask yourself the following:
How can I use less paper, ribbons and plastic during this time of year?
Where can I make a donation in honor of someone, rather than spending money on a disposable gift?
What companies are most environmentally responsible so I can purchase from them?  (Patagonia) (Suburu) etc.
Commit to doing research on and other similar web sites to review the charities I give toward. I will choose the ones where more of the donated money actually goes to those in need, rather than the pay check of the CEO.
When receiving a gift, consider the message being sent by the giver.  Most often, the message is more important than the gift itself.  So we should be grateful for the opportunity to receive.
I hope you have a mindful and grateful holiday!
Most Sincerely,
Brian Granader

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