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What's all that mantra stuff about?

Don't be scared of that Mantra stuff!!!
Mantra:  Mana=Mind  Tra=protect
Mantra literally means to protect the mind.
Using a mantra which is a phrase one repeats over and over again helps the analytical part of our mind stay focused while the rest of our mind can simply be.
We spend so much time doing, so little time being.  When we finally have time to BE, that part of our brain still wants to give it something to do.
A mantra can be a prayer, a single word or sanskrit phrase. 
There are many mantras and thing to do is have a few in your tool belt to pull out when you need them.
I often recite the name of teacher when I'm feeling low..her name always puts a smile on my face.  When I want to focus on impermanence there is another one when I want to focus on forgiveness another.
Three I often use are: 
"I AM"
 "Om mani padme' hum"
Pick one and try using it during a sitting or walking meditation and watch how they help you focus and transform.
If you want more advice, reach out to me at [email protected]
Happy Chanting!

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