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Plastic, Plastic, Plastic Everywhere

Hi Friends:

When I was in Florida last week on vacation, the most glaring thing besides the sun, was the vast amount of plastic washed up on the beach.

While at home on a hike along the Clinton River, right here in Rochester, the most glaring thing is the plastic either thrown out next to the trail or caught up in the river.

We were given the opportunity to walk upright on two legs and have a thinking mind. As a result we also have the responsibility to take care of our environment.  We are killing species of animals simply through our garbage.  And we are just another species of animal on the planet.

Some things you can do to help, beside picking up discarded plastic when you see it:
1) Do not purchase water in plastic bottles.  Purchase a good water purifier at home and carry refillable, non BPA, plastic water bottle with you. I use a purifier called "Zero Water"
2) Recycle, recycle, recycle.
3) Bring grocery bags with you to the store and reuse them often.  If you only have a few items, tell the cashier you do not want the plastic bag and simply carry your items out.
4) Encourage plastic recycling at work. Most business' do not recycle. Maybe you need to be the one to put out a container and ask people to throw out their plastic bottles, bags etc in your can, then take it home and put it in the recycling bin.

There are probably many more suggestions...I'd love to hear more!

Together we make a big difference:)

Happy Happy Happy!

Brian Granader

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