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Hi Friends:

Sometimes you look around at life and did all this happen? How did all these pieces fall into place, the good and bad.

If you believe in a higher power you would give credit to the higher power.  If you believe in Cause and Effect, (Karma), you would say you put the pieces into place to create this reality.  If you believe in things happening randomly, you'd say, it's random and you have no idea.

When things in life go the way we want, we often say it's karma.  When they do not go the way we want we say it's random.  When we need our reality to change right this minute we talk to our higher power.

Since you can't plant an apple tree and get oranges, we have to consider the four laws of Karma.
1. If you plant the seed it will grow
2. It will grow bigger than what you planted.
3. It will take time to grow
4. If you don't plant it won't grow.

Now, lets look at our lives...what did we do in our past to create this reality?This is a great way to break it down and get more of what we want and less of what we don't.

Happy Happy Happy!

Brian Granader

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