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Hi Friends:
As some of you know I perform wedding ceremonies as an officiant.  
I always give this homework to the engaged couple.
Write another essay on what you want FOR one another. This often takes some explaining because we often think of our partners as someone who gives to us.
We enter relationships based upon how the other person makes us reality, it's how we make ourselves feel with them.  In addition we often think of what the other person will give us.  With that idea we tend to wear the person out because they cannot give enough to fill us up.
So I encourage people to start the relationship with the idea of what do we want for them, rather than from them.

Lets say you've been married a while and want to freshen things up...start thinking about what the other person wants in life and how you can support them to help achieve their goals and desires.

This also works for friendships, dating and more!

Happy Happy Happy!

Brian Granader

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