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Hi Fellow Travelers:

Do you really really want to change your outlook on life?

The biggest action step you can take has to do with forgiveness.

The act of forgiving someone for their past action toward you is one of the single biggest ways to create a new you.

St. Augustine wrote about the motivation of all humans is to be happy and free from pain.

I find when I am trying to understand the reasons behind someone's actions, specifically actions I don't understand or don't like, I remind myself they are motivated by the desire to be happy and free from pain.

Even if I believe the act was hurtful or ignorant, it helps me understand so I can begin forgiving.

We are the ones who hold on to the pain or hurt of the act...holding on to it will not help us heal nor will it make the other person feel bad. It is us who is weighted down by the heaviness of the suffering.

We often live our lives and have a self identity based upon the events of our past. If we want to rewrite our life story we can begin with forgiveness for the transgressions of others as well as ourselves.

How to start:  Sit quietly, feel your breath going in and out, feel your connection to what you are sitting on...think of someone who hurt you. Remember they thought their act would make them feel happy or free from pain. Remember you have been motivated by the same desires and from time to time have hurt others in the process.  And in your mind say "I forgive you"  and feel it go in, feel the weight begin to lift off of you.

I hope this helps you make it through the holidays and helps you start your new year with a fresh outlook:)

Most Sincerely,
Brian Granader

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