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the karma of giving

It's the time of year we give more than we do at any other time.  We give for love, for friendship, for obligation and/or guilt.

Wouldn't it be nice to give with a full heart and not worry about the judgment our gifting may receive?

I'm sorry to say that the amount of money spent may incur the judgment of the receiver and you have no way to control it.

So lets start with the Karma of giving...what if what you purchased, created or wrote, came from your full heart with the intention of wanting FOR the receiver, rather than wanting FROM the receiver.  

What if the cost of the item was set aside for a moment and you took the time to ask yourself, "What would they want to receive to help make them happier?"  

What if the real gift, was how you felt giving, knowing you had the best of intentions.

What if the answer was a simple card expressing your gratitude for their presence in your life.  Or a handmade item created with love or you took the time to purchase an item that really spoke to how you feel about them.

I suggest you take your time this holiday, because it is often the most simple gesture that can truly express how much you really care about those to whom you give.

Most Sincerely,
Brian Granader
Red Lotus Yoga
[email protected]

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