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What is a yoga practice supposed to look like?

For a time my practice looked like asana and meditation about five days a week. A day of silence once a week. Study of traditional Tibetan text and teaching yoga six days a week.

Then my wife and I had a baby. Now, 4.5 years later my practice is my family. Being a good father, husband, employer and business person. My Asana and meditation practice is far less consistent and shorter in duration.

Asana and meditation still help me stay grounded and I still feel like I am moving forward on my path…but family life is far greater in it’s capacity for spiritual growth.

There is a cute story about a monk who sit’s in a cave reaching an enlightened state, until he exits the cave and runs into his ex girlfriend.

The cave is great for preparation. However our relationships are where we really practice what we’ve learned.

To sum it up, keep doing asana and meditation…however do not think your practice stops there. Time on your mat and cushion are great tools to help us practice off the mat.

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